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ApeosPort C5540 I is our latest Colour Multifunction device, capable of producing exceptional quality output at unprecedented speeds the gateway to your integrated Open Office Future.

What is the ApeosPort?

Apeos technology is designed on an open architecture platform (utilising industry-standard XML and Simple Object Access Protocol - SOAP). This opens up possibilities for integrating unique customer workflow applications that can be developed in conjunction with Fuji Xerox or independent software providers.
In the near future, web browser functionality will enable direct access to Web-based applications, providing new value as an information terminal.
What's more, enterprise customers will be able to integrate their distributed ApeosPort systems directly with mission-critical CRM and data management systems. Essentially, with an open architecture, web based platform, the options are limitless.
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Quality Enhancement

  • Emulsion Aggregation - High Grade (EA - HG) Toner
    The Environmentally friendly Emulsion Aggregation - High Grade toner used in Fuji Xerox devices produces finer toner particles, uniform in size and shape to create distinctly smoother, sharper images than conventional toners. 
  • Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL)
    To date, conventional laser technology has only been capable of writing up to two lines per scan. Using VCSEL, ApeosPort C5540 I boasts multi-beam capabilities allowing it to write up to a whopping 32 lines per scan. VCSEL technology also controls the position of each emitter, the amount of light required to prevent uneven print density and the print time required to produce high resolution 2,400 x 2,400 dpi output
  • Load on the Run Toner and Paper
    With a reserve toner tank capable of printing up to 2,000 sheets, a dedicated toner door, and multiple paper trays to print from ApeosPort C5540 I enables quick and easy toner and paper replacement while the machine is running without compromising on speed or quality.
  • CentreWare EasyAdmin

Five Intelligent Services

Security Services

ApeosPort C5540 I is specially equipped with multi-tiered security capabilities designed to enhance peace of mind without subtracting any of the benefits of a networked environment.

  • Secure Socket Layer(SSL) / Secure/Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) Security Watermark
  • Data Security Kit (Encryption / Overwrite / Zero Clear)
    • Overwriting the image partition of the HDD automatically or manually as required with a single or multiple overwrite.
    • Encryption of HDD Data with a 12-digit code.
    • Zero Clear deletion of all partitions including settings usually undertaken during device relocation or removal.

Document Flow Services

Using advanced digital conversion software, ApeosPort C5540 I easily converts hardcopy documents into digital format for distribution. Users/administrators can also program mailboxes to perform numerous activities with the documents sent to them.

Management Services

  • Internal Auditron and Network Authentication
    The Internal Auditron and Network Authentication features enable administrators to manage and control users' access to all machine (print/copy/scan) and network (scan to email/SMB/FTP) functions.
  • Management Software
    A host of software packages available with this device also help simplify device management:
    • CentreWare Web
    • CentreWare Internet Services

Customisation Services

  • Customisable User Interface
    The user interface layout can be programmed to suit the user needs.
  • Web Access
    ApeosPort C5540 I provides a unique portal to customised web-based applications through the intuitive user interface. Users can access these applications to upload and store scanned images and/or download and print documents.

Mobile Services

Mobile Services capabilities enable an environment where the input / output of documents are easily achieved across multiple office locations and international borders. It is ideal for executives with heavy work and travel commitments.

Superior Printing

  • True 2,400 x 2,400 dpi Resolution
  • Glossy Output
  • The standard 1GB memory also enables the production of glossy output using oil free toner; with output so rich, in-house production of previously out sourced jobs is made possible.

Powerful Copying and Scanning Plus Exceptional Finishing

  • Single Pass Duplexing Document Feeder
    Not only does ApeosPort C5540 I's Automatic Document Feeder hold a capacity of up to 250 sheets, it also saves time and reduces the likelihood of paper jams through its single pass scanning mechanism. Both sides of a double-sided document are scanned at once, effectively maintaining the same productivity in both simplex and duplex modes.
  • Job Build
    Users can divide a copy job into numerous segments and apply unique programming to each individual segment, eliminating the need for manual collation.
  • Advanced Scanning
    Reaching scanning speeds of up to 200ipm, this device enables users to scan documents to email, FTP/SMB servers and/or mailboxes resident on the device.


Output Speed - Printing and Copying

  • A4 Colour 40 ipm Monochrome 55
  • A3 Colour 20 ipm Monochrome 28 ipm
  • Processor Power PC750 600MHz
  • Memory (Standard) 1GB
  • Hard Disk 40GB
  • Interface Ethernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T, USB 2.0 (optional)
  • Printer Languages PCL6, PCL5c, Adobe PostScript 3
  • Resolution True 2400 x 2400 dpi
  • Operating Systems Windows 95/98/Me, Windows 2000/XP, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Server 2003, Mac OS(r) 8.1/8.5/ 8.5.1/8.6 or later including OS X Classic, OS X 10.2.x/10.3.x (x=up to 6)
  • Protocols TCP/IP, NetWare, NetBEUI, EtherTalk (AppleTalk), IPP, Port9100


  • FCOT Colour: 7.6 seconds Monochrome: 4.1 seconds
  • Concurrency Yes
  • Resolution True 2,400 x 2,400 dpi
  • Reduction / Enlargement 25 to 400%
  • Maximum Set Quantity 9,999
  • Internal Copy Auditron Yes
  • Foreign Device Interface (optional) Interface to 3rd party access control devices
  • Special Features Job build, annotations, cover insertion, poster creation, media identification and auto tray switching

Network Scanning

  • Concurrency Yes
  • Input Speed Colour: 50ipm Monochrome: up to 100ipm
  • Resolution 200 / 300 / 400 / 600 dpi
  • Maximum Scan Area A3
  • Network Protocol (Network Scanning) TCP / IP (Salutation, HTTP)
  • File Formats TIFF, JPEG, PDF, high compression PDF (optional)
  • Document Management Fields 6
  • Scan Destinations FTP, SMB, e-mail, Mailbox

Paper Handling

  • DADF
    Capacity 250 Sheets
    Paper Sizes A5 to A3
    Paper Weights 38 to 200gsm
  • Trays 1 and 2
    Capacity 500 Sheets
    Paper Sizes A5 to A3
    Paper Weights 64 to 176 gsm
  • Tray 3
    Capacity 870 Sheets
    Paper Sizes A5 to A4
    Paper Weights 64 to 176 gsm
  • Tray 4
    Capacity 1,140 Sheets
    Paper Sizes A5 to A4
    Paper Weights 64 to 176 gsm
  • High Capacity Feeder
    Capacity 2,000 Sheets
    Paper Sizes A5 to A4
    Paper Weights 64 to 176 gsm
  • Bypass Tray
    Capacity 250 Sheets
    Paper Sizes A5 to SRA3
    Paper Weights 64 to 280 gsm

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