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It is expected that Voice over IP (or phone calls over the Internet) will in a few short years be the ‘normal’ way calls are made. The Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) running on standard copper will be redundant. With the advent of ADSL2+ in most areas across Australia providing a fast and stable Internet platform, now is the time to get connected via IP Voice. The NBN currently being rolled out will make the change even more imperative.

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Residential options
 Standard $20Max $40
Local CallsUnlimited IncludedUnlimited Included
National CallsUnlimited IncludedUnlimited Included
Mobile Calls22c per minuteUnlimited Included
International CallsTop 8 Countries Unlimited^
20c untimed to 13 Countries^
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Unlimited Included*
to 15 countries
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13/1300 Calls30c per call30c per call
Voice Box to get connectedNormally $129 plus delivery. For a limited time, $69 with free delivery on a month to month plan,
or just $19 with free delivery on a 12 month plan.

What is IP Voice
Voice over Internet Protocol, or IP Voice is simply the latest technology that allows you to save on your phone calls. You make and receive phone calls just like you do now, even using the same handset (residential services only), but instead of your calls being sent over a regular phone line they travel over your high speed Internet connection.
How Does it Work?

itrinity connects directly to your broadband Internet. Simply plug our itrinity Voice Box (residential service only) into your current broadband modem, then connect your normal handset to the itrinity Voice Box. You can start making calls straight away. You don’t even have to have your computer switched on. We allocate you a new number so you can receive and make calls out on itrinity, saving you heaps on your phone calls.
Myth Busting

VoIP call quality is not good
Busted. Call quality depends on a number of things. Your VoIP provider, your broadband service and the speed of your broadband. The network we use for our residential service is built, located and maintained in Australia. This means there is no call routing overseas to make a call next door and you will notice that the call quality is almost identical to what you currently use.

You have to have your computer on to make calls
Busted. Some VoIP services only work when you have your computer on and plug in a headset and microphone. Our customers connect in using their regular home telephone handset. So your computer doesn’t need to be switched on, your broadband Internet just has to be operational.

You can’t call emergency services using VoIP
Busted. itrinity does in fact offer full emergency services. As long as your broadband is active and power is available you can call 000 from your itrinity residential service.

You can’t keep your existing phone number when using VoIP
Busted. With the itrinity residential service you can connect your itrinity Voice Box to your existing phone line, as well as your Internet connection. This means you have two telephone numbers; your old landline number and your new itrinity number, both on your one handset. When you pick up the phone to make a call, it will default to the itrinity service (with a different dial tone). Incoming calls to your old landline number and your new itrinity number will both ring on the same handset.

VoIP is way too complicated!
Busted! You simply get our itrinity Voice Box sent to you, plug one lead into your broadband modem, and your phone into the itrinity Voice Box, then your start making calls and saving money!