Christian Sport Ministries in Australia - Sportz and sports chaplains from Christian youth sports to adult Christian sports ministries is operated by Rob Lamont - Christian Youth Resources, Australia
Ministryblue aims at getting free, cheap or innovative resources for Churches, not for profits, missions , school and similar groups in Australia
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Hold a Sports Dinner/BBQ...the simpler the better....casual....could include a large screen event with News from the Games or other great sporting footage
 * Launch a new Bible reading drive by purchasing cartons of sports  New Testaments for $6 per copy max (including DVD of athletes sharing their testimonies)
* Check out the sports ministry DVD's which are available from Christian resource providers and include this as an insert in weekly newsletter.
*Hold a local viewing of movie  which includes sports and or a sporting legend.. eg Hansie to be released August 1 etc. Encourage people to invite their friends and share the warmth of fellowship together. Link this to invitation to other programs.
* Sports clinics & Games Days for Families.
* Social night with trivia questions about past sporting highlights...also Talking Heads, Missing Letters Games., Duster Hockey, etc etc.

* Fundraiser Activities For Australian Area: providing funds for sports items for Churches from Vic Bushfire region, floods in Qld, remote areas etc.
* Compare training for sporting programs to training for growth in spiritual areas. Importance of health, exercise, nutrition, perseverance, goals, teamwork, encouragement, wisdom, timing etc etc
* Place sporting teams in competitions to impact the other teams around members need to be instructed re their responses in all Games situations as these will be critical to their impact for ministry.
* Consider forming sporting teams with a definite number of spaces to be filled by not yet Christians....chosen so that they can be blessed by the ministry of the fellowship around them.
* Sending  to and recieving teams from other area - A definate weekend away time for ministry purposes...fellowship, blessing and encouragement.
 * Using local media...of all levels...TV, newspaper articles, advertisements, weekly timespots on radio, newsletters, websites , emails etc to advertise the local church has an active interest in sports as this is such an avid interest of Australians of all ages.
* Purchase group booking to regular sporting events and at times invite not yet Christians to join in the fellowship of the event.
* Check out sports ministry being offered by other churches and how they go about it.
* Do a letter box drop widely to promote sports ministry activities at the local church.
* Always have Name/details sheets available at events so that visitors can be invited to upcoming events.

* At any event have a slip of paper available distributed to the hands of visitors when they arrive with details of say 2 upcoming event of a similar nature.
* Advertise event on its own piece of has to be dealt with, can be put as a reminder on refrig whatever and doesn’t simply get swamped among a wealth of other info about other upcoming events.

* Place event on church calendar on website, newsletter, church foyer etc etc.
* Booking for events done at church website...this way they are continual directed to the website which will advertise details of programs and give contact details  for who to contact should they need a minister in time of crisis.ef. funerals etc.
*When giving prizes on sports days consider sports New Testaments. Also stamp inside of book with details of & website.
*Thank You presentations at any time could include a sports DVD or NT etc. Also The 2008 edition of the Surfers Bible (worth $30 odd) is a particularly lovely item.
*Bookmarks make a good item with calendar for new year, website, times of programs, phone details etc.
*Encourage memory of scripture verse re perseverance, reaching goals  etc.
*Consider the role of Sports chaplains throughout our land....Many more are needed in all levels of sports...Invite a chaplain to speak in a
*Consider sponsoring someone from the local area to attend sports chaplaincy training to then serve with local teams etc.

Ministryblue is a fun hobby (ministry) for Rob Lamont - This is not my paid work but what I do in my spare time.

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Christian Sport Ministries in Australia - Sportz and sports chaplains from Christian youth sports to adult Christian sports ministries