Jesus: The death we had to have.

  Read through the following questions and look up the passages for answers.

1. Was Mary a virgin and how did she become pregnant?            Luke 1:34-35 and Matthew 1:22-25
2.  Who was the father of Jesus'?                                                      Luke 1:34-35 and Matthew 1:16
3.  Did Jesus have any brothers or sisters?                                     Matthew 12:46-50
4.  Why was Jesus born in a stable and not a hospital?                 Luke 2:6-7
5.  Did Jesus muck up, when he was a child?                                 Hebrews 4:16
6.  Did Jesus have to learn things, as a child?                                Luke 2:40
7.  How did Jesus find out that He was God?                                  John 1:1-3; 2:49-52 and Luke 4:18.
8.  Did the family of Jesus always believe in Him?                          Mark 3:21 and John 7:3-6
9. What are some prophecies that Jesus' fulfilled  when He was born?     Isaiah 7:14; 9:6 Micah 5:2

11. Why did Jesus perform miracles?                                                                 John 5:19; 20:30-31.
12. Could Jesus heal everyone?                                                                          Mark 6:1-6
13. What was the first miracle that Jesus performed?                                       John 2:1-12
14. Why did Jesus heal on the Sabbath (Saturday) if
He knew that it would upset the Jewish people?                                                Matthew 12:1-14
15. Did Jesus perform any miracles to prove that He was God?                     Matthew 11:20-24
16. Why didn't Jesus always perform miracles when  people asked?             Matthew 12:38-40
17. How do we know that the miracles were not just made up?                        2 Peter 1:16-18

18. Did Jesus ever break the law?                                                                2 Peter 2:22
19. For what was Jesus sentenced to death for?                                        Matthew 27:11; Luke 23:38
20. How come Jesus had so many court cases?                                        John 19:31
21. Why was Jesus tried at night and not in a proper court?                      Mark 14:1-2
22. Why did the soldiers beat Jesus up before the court case?                Matthew 27:27-31
23. How long was Jesus on the cross?                                                        Mark 15:25 plus 15:34
24. How do we know that Jesus died on the cross?                                  John 19:31-35
25. Where was Jesus buried?                                                                      John 19:38-42

26. Why did the authorities guard the tomb of Jesus?                                 Matthew 28:62-66
27. How do we know that Jesus did come back to life?                              1 Corinthians 15:3-8
28. Was Jesus a ghost or a real person when he came back to life?       John 21:13-14
29. What is the difference between resurrection and reincarnation?
30. Who saw Jesus alive after the resurrection?                                         1 Corinthians 15:3-8
31. How long did Jesus stay around after the resurrection?                      Acts 1:3
32. Where did Jesus go after the resurrection?                                          Acts 1:9-11
33. How come Jesus wasn't arrested and killed a second time?
34. What is the ascension?                                                                            Acts 1:9-11



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