Church loans in Australia - Does your church, mission or Christian organsation want to build  new church , Christian ministry centre , Ministers house and need a loan?
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Home Loans

Although anyone can apply we are specialising in staff workers for Church and Mission groups. These loans take account of how you earn your money. Takes account of the fact that you may live in a rent free church home.

Many people who are in this category receive a wage plus support for housing, travel etc. through Fringe Benefit payments, because of this - it means that many home loans organisers find it hard to get loans or make you jump through the wrong hoops.

We have negotiated with a number of lending organisation's to give loans based on criteria more suitable for Church and Mission workers.

This has also meant the opportunity to offer some incredibly competitive rates. If you currently have a loan have you thought that swapping to a better loan may be helpful.

"If you do not have time to do it right first time
then do you have time to redo it again
if it does not work"
(Australia Only)

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Does you church, mission or Christian organisation want to build a new church, Christian ministry centre and need a loan?
Church Loans
(Australia Only)
We have found some Christian lenders who offer a wide range of loans.

"If you do not have time to do it right first time
then do you have time to redo it again
if it does not work"

If you are ready for a loan then email
Your Name
Day Time Phone Number
Night time Phone Number
and we will organise a loan organiser to contact you

Some preliminary information will assist me in identifying the correct facility that you require.

Can you please provide the following to enable me to answer your questions?  We deal with all the major banks as well as many building societies and second tier banks.

         Your contact number – mobile & day time phone number.
         Do you have any dependants? Wife? Kids?
         Do you have any debts:  how much do you owe, and to whom? Monthly repayment?
         Any credit cards? If yes, what are the total limits and total debts on the cards?
         How much have you got in terms of savings?
         How long have you been working on this current job? If less than 2 years, what were you doing before?
         Are you a full time employee?
         Do you have any credit issues in the past?  Defaults, etc? If yes, please describe them.
         Would you like to have peace of mind knowing that you rate is fixed no matter what the current interest rate is, or would you prefer a variable rate and pay off the loan as quick as possible?

 The product and the interest rate you get depend on many variables.  We can help to pick the ones that suit all your needs.

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