Kefa Sempangi
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Vision for Uganda:
Kefa Sempangi
During Idi Amin’s reign of terror, I lived in exile in Holland and in the United States. I graduated with a Master of Divinity from Westminster and published the book A Distant Grief.

In 1979, after the fall of Amin, I returned to Uganda as the deputy minister for rehabilitation in the interim government, and later became a Member of Parliament, representing the people of Mukono East in the central region. The vision for my return was threefold: to continue my work in politics, extend the Reformed faith, and reopen a work for children.
That year I founded the Presbyterian Church in Kampala and began to train pastors in the Reformed faith, going in the evening from my parliamentary duties to teaching until 2:00 a.m. Two of my seminary professors, Jack Miller and Harvie Conn, visited Uganda with various groups of students to help with the church planting. Now the Presbyterian Church in Uganda is strong with 35 churches in three presbyteries. I am so grateful for the men who have labored faithfully and who continue to expand the Presbyterian vision in Uganda.

I also reopened the Africa Foundation, Inc., which provides food, shelter, medical care, counseling, and education to homeless street children and abandoned babies. By 2001, over 6,000 children had been resettled, and the success stories include lawyers, doctors, teachers, computer engineers, and many that are self-employed. Eight hundred and fifty children currently reside and train at our formal and vocational schools.

Last week one of the elders at First Presbyterian in Kampala showed me some of the church projects, and as we were coming back he took me to Lubowa along the Entebbe-Kampala Road. There I saw the future site of Africa Bible College, and my heart burned with joy.

Three things still need our immediate attention: First, the roof of First Presbyterian in Kampala needs a total overhaul, and a library center, boardroom, and gymnasium are also needed. The property has room for expansion and includes a school, which will take a lot of work to complete.

Second, I am in need of good theological books to build up both my personal library and the church library. Last, the general assembly needs an administrative staff to organize the denomination’s committees. 

I am continuing to serve as a Member of Parliament at least until 2006, and I ask you to join me in praying for the Lord’s guidance for my future.

The Hon. Rev. Dr. Sempangi can be reached by email at or by mail at PO Box 4100, Kampala, Uganda. More information about the Africa Foundation is available at

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