Book Covering Machine by ColLibri easily apply a special transparent custom-fitted durable and protective covering to your books based in Australia is operated by Rob Lamont - Christian Youth Resources, Australia
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CoLibri is an innovative, internationally patented book protection system. With CoLibri you can quickly and easily apply a special transparent custom-fitted durable and protective covering to your books. In just 20 seconds you can restore integrity to the covers of any size or type of book or publication.

The cover attaches to the book without glue, it does not alter the original cover and can be removed at any time. CoLibri represents sophisticated technology applied to simplifying and optimising the preservation of printed works in a broad variety of contexts. This carefully designed system is the simplest and most practical book covering method available.
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Strong preservation instinct.
It takes just 20 seconds to protect a book forever. But speed is not the sole feature of the CoLibri system. The simplicity of the system assures that anyone can do a first rate job without being an expert and at half the cost of traditional sytems.

Ideal for libraries
CoLibri is especially suited for public libraries and book archives where its use is rapidly expanding to prolong book life. Books can now be handled frequently without risk of damage. On the shelf, the transparent covering shields books from dust and harmful light rays while leaving the bar code or catalogue number visible and protected against coming unstuck. Books with CoLibri covers will not stick together, even after long periods packed side by side, thus eliminating a vexing problem.

Ideal for stationery and book shops.
With its compact size and immediate readiness for use, CoLibri is the ideal solution for simplifying the work of shopkeepers who want to make the most of their time while offering a remunerative book covering service. An attractive service for all customers, it is especially in demand among students for their university or school books.

Ideal all round.
CoLibri makes a significant contribution in offices, laboratories, workshops or archives where it easily solves the problems of conservation of volumes, diagrams, drafts, documents, drawings, plans and photographs.

The system consists of a simple desk top machine and special covers. Manufactured to the highest standards, it is elegant, compact (26"x 16"x5") and portable (9lbs).

  • Multiple functions in a single lever. A slight pressure from the hand when the yellow LED is on closes the slot on the cover, and welds and trims it in 3 seconds. The red LED indicates that the operation is finished, and the lever is lifted.

  • A green triangular LED indicates that the machine is ready for trimming. Another red LED indicates the ON position of the OVERPOWER function, which provides the necessary force when working with hard cover books.

  • Powered by standard electical supply. All mechanical and electrical parts and heating elements are protected by a special cover.
  • The red welding and trimming slot can accommodate lengths up to 19 3/4". After every 10 books or so, the slot should be cleaned by inserting a soft cloth and running it along its length.
  • The grid on the work surface makes exact positioning easy. The broken lines indicate which size cover to use for paper backs.
  • CoLibri covers are made of special transparent polyethylene. They are non-toxic, odourless, and waterproof yet breathable (up to 60%)
  • Soft covers
    1. Choose which of the two covers to use based on the size of the paperback. Place the cover on the work surface.
    2. Insert one cover of the book into one of the pockets in the CoLibri cover. It is recommended that you begin by inserting the back cover of the book into the right hand pocket to guarantee proper positioning.
    3. Insert the excess part into the slot and press the lever. In just three seconds the cover is welded and trimmed without the use of glue.
    4. Insert the other cover of the book into the corresponding pocket. Since the book has a flexible cover, you just have to curve it and slide it into the pocket.
    5. Close the book and make sure the cover is properly positioned. Insert the excess part into the slot.
    6. Repeat the welding and trimming operation by pressing the lever. In just 20 seconds the book is perfectly protected and ready for use.1. There is only one type of cover for hardbacks. You will need two, one for each cover of the book. Place the first cover on the work surface and insert one cover of the boo k.
    2. Turn the switch to OVERPOWER. Insert the excess part at the top edge of the book into the slot and press the lever for three seconds to weld and trim. Repeat the operation for the side edge.
    3. Place the second cover on the work surface and insert the other cover of the book. Insert the excess part at the top edge of the book into the slot and press the lever.
    4. Repeat the operation for the side edge. Now, weld and trim the spine by inserting both covers into the slot.
    5. Always with the switch in OVERPOWER position, press the lever while holding the book in position against the stop.
    6. Before making the final trim, make sure the cover is properly positioned to guarantee a tight fit

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